Press Statement by H.E. Ahmad Al-Barrak the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Japan

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On the Precious occasion of the visit which the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosque(may Allah the Almighty protect him) will pay by God willing to Japan
The official visit which The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques will pay to Japan gains a great importance and especial significances because of the great respect and appreciation he (may Allah God the Almighty protect him) enjoys among the various Japanese circles topping the list of the most powerful and influential personalities in the world. He is the king of Humanity who’s deeds at the human side transcended the boundaries of the Islamic and Arabic world covering most of the countries of the world . He is the king of resolutions for his resolute decisions in both the domestic and foreign policies .The visit acquires a special significance in light of the acceleration of international and regional changes that require the exchange of views and the coordination of positions between the Kingdom and its friendly countries. On the other hand this precious visit constitutes a major event in the course of the Saudi-Japanese relations , a culmination of a distinctive relations of friendship between the two countries translating and reflecting the size and the strength of these relationships. It is of particular importance since it comes as the first visit paid to Japan by The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques since taking the reins of power in the Kingdom.
Japan contributes positively in increasing peace and stability in the world including the Middle East region participating in the efforts being exerted by the International Community in shouldering the responsibility of different issues .
There is a political coordination and a conformity in the situation with the Kingdom regarding many regional and international issues.
The work schedule of the visit is busy and intense. There is a meeting with His Majesty the Emperor of Japan and with H E.H. The Crown Prince of Japan. An official talks session will be held with the Prime Minister dealing with cooperation between the two friendly countries in various fields, which serves the interests and prosperity of the people in the two the countries, including political dialogue , coordination of positions on various regional , international issues of common interest, consolidating economic and trade cooperation and enhancing cooperation in the field of investment and the scientific , cultural and medical exchange. There will be the signing of memoranda of understanding between the two countries in these areas in addition to other memoranda of understanding to strengthen cooperation in a number of areas opening new horizons for cooperation. He (may Allah God the Almighty protect him) will also meet a number of senior officials in the Government of Japan.
The Kingdom and Japan have developed a good relationship over more than sixty years since the establishment of their diplomatic relations in 1955, which has seen a quantum leap and the evolution of remarkable growth steadily covered all areas and responsive to the policies and principles designed and stipulated by bilateral agreements and the exchanged visits between officials of the two countries , making their relationship one of the most important international relations for each one of them. The economic and commercial data and statistics confirm the volume of trade exchange between the two countries which goes beyond the fifty billion dollars making the Kingdom among the top ten trade partners of Japan while Japan comes third largest trading partner of the Kingdom, in addition to the presence of several joint projects between the two countries. The Kingdom occupies the first place in providing Japan with oil and its byproducts which amounts to more than a third of Japan’s total imports of oil. The two countries endeavor to promote the comprehensive partnership in broad areas in relation to culture, economics and politics in addition to the unique security dialogue between the two friendly countries which includes many issues such as the regional situation, piracy, nuclear, non-proliferation , the fight against terrorism, humanitarian aid, disaster relief and a number of other topics. There is a cooperation to develop and exchange of views regarding the international terrorism conditions and the defense cooperation between the two countries and this is reflected by the continued exchange of visits at the level of senior officials in the security sectors between the two countries. Cultural and educational relations between the Kingdom and Japan made great strides since Japan became a destination for Saudi students in order to continue their educational careers whether graduate or postgraduate degrees. There are currently 400 students, most of them studying in various scientific majors, especially in the fields of engineering, and technology. The two countries are linked by many conventions in the field of higher education and scientific research, aiming to encourage scientific and educational relations between the universities and scientific research institutes in Japan. Japan is seeking to develop ideas and visions to support economic partnerships , investment , trade with the Kingdom, and what goes in line with the Kingdom vision 2030 including the transfer of technology , investment in the industrial sector , technological industries , expansion of the areas of the knowledge economy, energy , the strengthening of the partnerships in the nuclear and renewable energy and petrochemical fields in order to contribute to the diversification of the economy through multiple sources ,increasing trade exchange and mutual benefits by maximizing the partnership in programs. The visit of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, Deputy Crown Prince Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense( may God protect him) to Japan last year has established a solid ground for the form and nature of the joint strategic framework between the two countries with ambitious and promising visions and ideas, and there is a joint working team which meets periodically to achieve this, God willing.
The successive summits meetings , the senior officials meeting and a number of agreements and committees, specially the joint Saudi-Japanese ministerial committees confirm the keenness of the two governments to build a true partnership that does not exclude any activity and ensures that cooperation is comprehensive and responsive to the interests of the people of both countries in conjunction with the keenness of the leadership in both countries to promote and strengthen these relations through the exchange of bilateral visits . continuous work and efforts in order to strengthen and expand these destinguished developing bilateral relations in all fields.

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