Dr. Imad Ajami as the representative of The World Lebanese Cultural Union (Lebanese Diaspora) in Japan

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Dear Patriots

It’s an honor to advise you dear Lebanese patriots that the World Lebanese Cultural Union
‎الجامعة الثقافيه اللبنانية في العالم
(Lebanese Diaspora) had launched a regional office in Japan .

The objectives of the regional office is to enhance ties among the community here as well as with the homeland. We are official but non sectarian non religious non political organization.

In Japan We are currently preparing the ground to launch the regional office and to appoint and elect responsible who will serve as president and board members for each Japanese department .

We take this opportunity to express our appreciation to his excellency “Nidal Yehia” and all the staff in the Lebanese embassy as well as you dear patriots for your efforts and support.

We look forward to your prompt feedback and cooperation to advance the strength of Lebanese Diaspora in Japan.

accept our apology for any disturb and kindly forward the mail for Lebanese collegues .

Best regards
General Secretary
Kanso Nemer (Oyama Toraichiro)
Tel: ‪+818067876111‬

Note : kindly find the attached documents of the appointment related to Dr. Imad Ajami as the representative of WLCU in Japan.

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