Month: October 2017

VOTE 2017: Coalition retains two-thirds majority as all seats finalized

The ruling coalition regained a two-thirds majority in the Oct. 22 Lower House election, giving Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Ajami to Kyodo News.. Why not granting foreign nationals the right to vote in local elections

As Sunday's general election looms with the public contemplating a range of complex issues facing the nation, Japan's "silent minority"

Dr Mona Makram-Ebeid discuss with the Japanese the Women’s Rights and Religious Freedom in Egypt

The Link - Tokyo ------------------------ Dr Mona Makram Ebeid met the Japanese audience many times and update them in a

وزير الخارجية الياباني يشارك وتحت الخيمة بالعيد الوطني السعودي ٨٧

كل طوكيو احتفت بالعيد الوطني السعودي ال٨٧ حيث غصت قاعات فندق البلاس بالمشاركين بلاحتفال الذي دعا اليه سفير المملكة

Taro Kono Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs to The Link علاقاتنا بالمملكة مميزة وزيارة مرتقبة لولي العهد الى اليابان

Taro Kono Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs exclusive to The link: Our relations with The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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