Relations with Japan see quantum leap in 60 years

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Relations between Saudi Arabia and Japan have seen significant growth in the political, economic, cultural, military, educational and health fields over the past 60 years.
As a result of policies and principles stipulated in bilateral agreements, and of visits by officials of both countries, the ties between Saudi Arabia and Japan are of utmost importance.
Leaders and officials of the two countries have worked hard to push relations further toward development and growth, particularly since the formation of a cooperation agreement for economic and technical ties between the two countries in 1957.
Saudi Arabia and Japan share a common vision and position on issues in the region, as well as have a common understanding that cooperation is necessary for stability and prosperity in the Middle East and the international community at large.
The two countries hold identical positions on many issues. Most important, Japan supports the Saudi-led operation to restore legitimacy in Yemen and protect the Yemeni people from Houthi oppression and believes in finding a negotiated, lasting peace for Yemen, as well as peace and justice in the Middle East, in accordance with the Arab Peace Initiative and the relevant UN resolutions.
Japan also stands firmly against human rights violations and is keen on promoting dialogue to address regional issues, maritime security, piracy, nuclear non-proliferation, counterterrorism strategies, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.
The visit of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman to Japan in 2014 was aimed at promoting closer strategic ties between the two countries. During the visit, King Salman was granted an honorary doctorate in law by Waseda University, one of the most prestigious Japanese universities, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to Saudi Arabia and the world.
In his speech on this occasion, King Salman addressed the university staff, saying: “I invite you to get closer to us … closer to the Islamic and Arab culture, as we have much that we would like to keep you informed about to discover many of the principles and teachings and values that we share together. We need those with your knowledge, and the likes of you to understand our culture.
“I thank you for giving me an honorary doctorate from this prestigious university, which I cherish, but I also consider it a tribute to all Saudis.”
Thanks to the great developments in bilateral relations in the political, economic and cultural fields, currently 500 students study in Japan under the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Scholarship Program.
The Saudi cultural attaché in Tokyo supervises the studies of these students and follows up on all issues and concerns they may have, in coordination with the Japanese institutes, colleges and universities.
In the economic sphere, both countries attach great attention to promoting commercial and economic interests as important pillars for bilateral relations.
Mutual visits by senior officials are proof of the keenness to promote and strengthen partnerships and cooperation in various fields that serve the interests and prosperity of the two countries.
Japan is now the third largest trading partner of Saudi Arabia, and the second largest trading partner in the field of petrochemicals. It awaits investment opportunities in the Kingdom in various fields, including industry, energy, environment, infrastructure, finance, education, health, work force development and services.
The two countries are also keen on ensuring the stability of the oil market and further promoting cooperation in the field of energy.
Through the Saudi-Japanese Consultative Committee on Energy, experts from the two countries work on enhancing bilateral cooperation in the field of renewable energy and nuclear power.
The two sides welcomed the signing of a draft agreement between Saudi Arabia and Japan on mutual encouragement and protection of investment.
Despite the global economic and political challenges, Saudi-Japanese relations have remained steady and strong, becoming a model of international relations.

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