ARAB JAPAN DAY hosted by 19 Arab missions in Tokyo

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The ‘ARAB JAPAN DAY’, previously known as The Arab Week or The Arab Day, is an annual event held every April showcasing the ever-deepening friendly relations between the Arab countries and Japan. This year, the event will take place on the 4th of April, 2017 at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo with the auspicious sponsorship support from Japan Arab Association.
The day’s celebrations will be showcased through two main events – a Symposium and a Reception. The Arab Japan Day Symposium titled “Sustainable Energy and Water Security” will present a panel discussion with industry-government-academia collaboration, where four panelists representing both Arab and Japan will discuss various aspects on how Japan can cooperate with the captioned urgent issues in the Arab World, known as oil-rich and arid region, which is experiencing rapid population growth and economic development. The Arab Japan Day Reception that will follow the symposium will bring representatives of 19 Arab missions in Tokyo who are the hosts, and notable top leaders representing the Japanese government, and other distinguished guests contributing to Arab-Japan cooperation in the field of diplomacy, economics, development, environment, and culture all together. More than 400 guests are estimated to gather at the venue which will include esteemed guests from even more diverse backgrounds such as government, private sector, academia, and cultural officials.
This will also be an opportunity to cover a ‘One-Night’ Arab Town where we exhibit Arab traditional cuisines by Arab Ambassadors’ Chefs, Live Arabian Music, and one of the highlights of the night – Live Demonstrations of Arabic Calligraphy performed by renowned calligraphers from Japan Arabic Calligraphy Association (JACA) with the exclusive cooperation of the Arabic Islamic Institute in Tokyo.

Theme: Sustainable Energy and Water Security

Welcome remarks (5 min) : Arab Ambassador (TBD)
Keynote Lecture(30min.):
Mr. Masakazu Toyoda, Chairman & CEO, the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan
Panel Discussion(1Hour):proposed speakers for panel discussion
IRENA:Invitation to be extended to IRENA HQ
METI:Request to be extended to Director level (resources and/or international division)
Industrial sector:Trading or engineering company in hope that they can also discuss water issues
Arab Embassy: HE Khaled Alameri, UAE Ambassador
Think tank:Ms. Yamashita, Director, the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan
either to be selected from among the above panelists or to be assigned additionally

Q & A Session(25min.)

Status quo and challenges of energy and water security in Arab region (including various factors which threaten security of those)
Status quo: Increasing population in Arab region, economic development and growing demand for energy and water
[Observation: In water resource issue, the discussion shall be limited to new source of water supply, notably desalination projects, avoiding the conflict over the existing natural water resources.]
Unpredictable moves by new American administration
Geopolitical issues
Global issues
Conventional business practices, manpower, necessity of capacity building in Arab countries

Scope for discussion:
Sustainable energy and water security is a common challenge for Arab countries. Combined with the required diversification of the domestic economies in respective countries, business opportunities lie with foreign investors including Japanese.
This roundtable will explore the way to construct mutually beneficial cooperation between Arab countries and Japan overcoming existing and foreseeable challenges.
Challenges to overcome:
Regulations unique to each country
Increase of domestic energy consumption
Damage caused by global warming (desertification, water deficiency, bad effects on agriculture)

Premise for cooperation:
Energy saving, water resources measures and global warming are important issues and can be tackled and solved through cooperation between Japan and Arab countries.
What are the challenges to establish win-win cooperation between Japan and Arab countries and how to overcome them?

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